About Us

Our Story

TruSlik Apparel was founded in March 2016 where the first logos were designed. TruSlik is not just a brand, we are a family. A vision that was created mixing together the luxury and street side of the fashion world. In May 2016, the first product launched which were our Classic Snapback and Baseball hats which caught the attention of the streetwear industry. 


TruSlik Apparel is a Birmingham based company which has high hopes of being known worldwide. We represent nothing but quality and stylish clothing for all genders which has remained the same from the beginning, creating unisex clothing. The difference with TruSlik is that we are ahead of time, from serving the trends of the market to creating the future of fashion lifestyle.


On the 25th September 2019, the TruSlik Signature Longline Puffer coat was introduced to the fashion game and has caught thousands of eyes, going onto becoming our best seller. This highly anticipating product has had to be restocked three times through high demand which will keep the TruSlik family warm through many seasons of winter as it is a timeless winter coat. 


Throughout the years we have been spotted by many musical artists in the urban UK scene. This includes the likes of Geko, Paigey Cakey, Big Tobz, etc. We hope to continue building the family and become one of the biggest brands coming out of Birmingham. A large amount of time, thought and planning has been injected into TruSlik and we have big visions going into 2020. 


This is only the start.

TruSlik Apparel™